Number portability eliminates an important barrier to the development of competition in electronic communications sector and additional competitive pressure created by portability availability. Number portability determines providers to make further efforts to maintain users/subscribers through loyalty programs more convincing and to offer more attractive services, terms and conditions well explained end users for attract new users.

Usually, old providers which hold major part of telephone services market often hinder portability implementation, but new providers which hold minor part of market welcome portability implementation as unique possibility to attract new users and subscribers. On market already formed, number portability launch represents the only way to redivide market between suppliers.

Increase of investments for “keeping” important subscriber for provider in activation conditions of number portability service, manifests positively on country economy. Providers are constrained to initiate new projects and incorporate new equipment for services quality increase and implementation of innovative solutions. This allows to keep busy equipment and services providers which are already on market, and attract new providers. This also will reflect positively on development of electronic communication and entertainment sector such as television, Internet, etc.

In UE countries, service implementation is mandatory and is regulated by the corresponding directive. All countries which candidate for UE adherence, are obliged to implement portability service on their market. WTO (World Trade Organization) interprets implementation of portability service as market liberalization and considers this step as main for its development.

In Republic of Moldova number portability for mobile telephone network was launched on 1st of July 2013.

About one month before the launch of portability, providers have initiated increased activity in order to keep its subscribers by offering better options instead for long-term contracts. Consecutively, providers have launched advertisements regarding number portability implementation and attract new customers.

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